Frontlines: Fuel of War Supports 50 Players Online/German Trailer

Join the most epic battles Xbox Live has ever seen
When Frontlines: Fuel of War launches across Europe on the Xbox 360 this Friday it will become the only first person shooter to offer online multiplayer for over 50 players on a next-generation console, THQ announced. THQ and Kaos Studios have set up over 90 dedicated Xbox 360 multiplayer servers across Europe and the USA live on launch day. The first map to support 50 player multiplayer will be the Village. Starting out as an intense close-combat battle amongst the map’s numerous small buildings, the level can be literally blown apart piece by piece, transforming it into an open battlefield with nowhere to run or hide. As further dedicated servers are brought online to support the growing number of players, additional maps will be opened up for 50 player combat. A German launch trailer is now available for download.