We Love Golf! Online Modes Announced and Screens #6

First online golf game headed for Wii
Releasing these new screenshots, Capcom announced that Western players now have the option to meet up online and challenge each other in We Love Golf!, a Wii game scheduled to be available in North America in summer 2008. We Love Golf! will feature a full array of online features, including "World Play Mode", where players can play random players online and collect player medals for their wins, and "Friend Play", where players may choose to play a friend from their Wii friend list. The game will also be one of the first online Wii sports titles to enable players to play online with their personalized Miis. The new online modes for We Love Golf! are being included in the game for the first time for the Western release of the game, as the Japanese version of the game (released in December 2007) did not have these online modes.