Manhunt 2 Receives 18 Certificate from BBFC

Manhunt 2 finally issued a certificate by BBFC
BBFC today announced they issued an 18 certificate to Manhunt 2. We'd like to remind you that the first rejection took place back in June 2007 with BBFC making suggestions that the developer did not meet the second time (August). BBFC still denied the game a certificate, so the developer attacked the decision by the means of an appeal to the Video Appeals Committee. The Board challenged the VAC’s decision by way of Judicial Review before the High Court, which in turn quashed the decision on grounds of errors of law. In the light of the High Court’s directions, VAC has now reconsidered the appeal and decided to allow it on the basis that Manhunt 2 should be given an 18 certificate. The Board has complied with VAC's decision and has issued the recommended certificate for the game.