Requiem: Bloodymare Trailer #2

1:05 of gameplay footage
Gravity Interactive has released a new trailer from Requiem: Bloodymare, a MMO which introduces a world where the misuse of science and magic has warped the natural world into a twisted vision of death. Requiem: Bloodymare is set in the worls of Ethegia, and players take on the role of the Temperions, beings created through genetic engineering and arcane rites to engage in bloody combat with the walking nightmares stalking the land. The time of day will be an extremely important factor for players under the Nightmare System with incredibly powerful creatures awakening to terrorize the world at night. To defeat these challenges players will be able to draw upon the DNA System and the Beast Possession System. Players will use genetic engineering to modify their DNA to obtain characteristics and abilities nature never intended. The mystic arts will enable players to possess and transform into different bestial beings with extraordinary abilities. Requiem: Bloodymare will be available later this year.