Season Ticket Baseball 2003 v1.5 Patch

Infogrames has released a new patch for their baseball management sim, Season Ticket Baseball 2003. The patch (v1.5) fixes a lot of bugs and adds some new features (read full story for details). Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Season Ticket Baseball 2003 v1.5 Patch (2.2 MB)
  • Changes in v1.5 Added counter-offer feature to the trade screen Fine-tuned the effect of rain-delays on pitchers Fixed some PbP glitches The right player now gets inserted for an ejected or injured player during games Player histories now correctly records a FA being signed during the season Added total player number to each level in the transaction screen Dropped third strikes are now properly handled by the PbP and the game log Fixed rare bug that still changed player primary positions on human-controlled minor league teams Fixed a bug, which started with the 4.1 update, that caused the game to crash during the draft when there were no players left and still rounds remaining. Fixed a bug that caused hitters to have great pitching talent when importing a historical league Improved player logic for contract offers during FA period Fine-tuned player AI in contract extention negotiations Fixed bug that caused coaches/scouts problems when moving teams in the league structure editor Situational stolen base stats are now corretcly recorded When importing a historical season, players that got traded during that year now get assigned to the correct team In online league mode, team owners can now access the contract negotiation screen in order to check out contract demands Fine-tuned defensive AI Postseason attendance is now more realistic Team passwords are now accepted as well in the contract negotiation screen and for the 'show offers' button in the free agent screen for online league mode. Fixed the option to change a pitchers primary position to DH. Fixed news ticker bug