Corum Online Client (2008-03-29)

A fantasy MMORPG developed by NetTimeSoft
Gala-Net, known for Fly For Fun (Flyff), Space Cowboy Online and Rappelz, has released an updated client for Corum Online, a free to play fantasy MMORPG that in the past has been one of the top-ranked games in the Japanese and Korean Markets. The game has a flurry of quests and a very advanced guild and dungeon siege system. The PvP in Corum Online is based on gaining and maintaining the possession of certain dungeons that are scattered throughout the world of the game. Each of these types of "siege dungeons" provide the owner with either beneficial items or materials that can be used to create unique items. Corum Online also has thousands of items that a player can get in order to improve their characters skills, attributes, or their looks. Items can be attained in many different ways. They can be purchased off of NPCs, player created stalls, and also on an online Cash Shop where real money is used. Another unique feature is the fact that a player can learn the skills of a different class. You need to register here to play this free MMORPG.