Xiah: Rebirth The Greatest Guild War Feature Details

The world of Xiah: Rebirth is waiting to be explored, with dangerous enemies and dark magic to face around every turn
OnNet USA sent over a press release announcing the introduction of "The Greatest Guild War" feature to Xiah: Rebirth, a major Xiah expansion that feature fantastic new world of powerful magic and ancient evil set in the mystical realm of Asian Mythology. The guild war is a gigantic new PvP system which allows up to 50 guilds with over 30 players in each to battle it out free-for-all to see who gets bragging rights every week. Along with the new "Greatest Guild War" system in the PvP-focused changes, there have recently been a number of end-game content updates such as new maps, higher level cap, new monsters, more quests, and the inclusion of powerful new high-level armor sets. Currently Xiah Rebirth is holding several bonus event periods such as double pet experience rates for the next four weeks, and a triple metallurgical stone extraction rate for two weeks to allow players to better extract valuable enchanting materials from imbued items. Visit the official website for details - the latest game client is now locally mirrored here.

Xiah on PC
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