Tiberium First Screens

Tiberium website now launched
Electronic Arts has released the first screenshots from Tiberium, a tactical first-person shooter that takes players on an adventure through a devastated Earth and places them in the heart of an epic battle for control of a powerful energy source (thanks: Blues). Players step into the shoes of Forward Battle Commander Ricardo Vega and will assemble an assortment of elite squads to combat the global crisis. Armed with an arsenal of weapons including a transforming personal weapon system, multi-launch homing missiles, capital ship bombardments and tactical ion cannon strikes, Vega will lead the fight from the front lines. Players will control multiple infantry, armour, and air squads as the fight escalates. Players can take multi-squad control combat into single-player or bring the action into online multiplayer battles. Developed at EA Los Angeles, Tiberium will hit the store shelves in autumn 2008, for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.