Fair Strike screens

The official Fair Strike website has been updated with several new screenshots of this 3D action helicopter game in the works at G5 Software. Fair Strike is another game from Russian publisher Buka (check our Buka's special event for more titles) and is scheduled for Q4 2003.
Terrorists! Awful guys, whose basic aims in life are killing fellow creatures and developing their drug business. But you are not that sort of people, of course. You pilot a super realistic and authentic model of a modern military helicopter. So you are a part of united multinational antiterror forces and you have the only task: “Kill’em all!” In the nearest future 4 points on Earth will serve as the permanent source of your acute concern: Caribbean region, Eastern Europe, South-East Asia and the Middle East – so 4 action-saturated campaigns you are to pass through. Just get into your helicopter and lead your aircraft detachments against the unruly bandits. Reliable and approved weaponry will help your troops to fulfill your highly responsible military missions – destroy terrorists’ bases and protect peaceful citizens. You will also enjoy certain support from warships and terrain forces – tanks, infantry etc. Nothing like that you could see before in the games of the same genre! Playing “Fair Strike” you’ll catch yourself at being totally game-immersed for hours! Key features: * The incredible combination of dynamic action and breathtaking helicopter simulation. * Non-linear mission structure allows you to fulfill your tasks in arbitrary order; the tasks can be changed or even canceled in the process of passing through the missions. * You can control some transport or battle helicopters along with your own helicopter – at your choice! * 3D graphics along with scenic visual effects are essential elements of gameplay here, giving you absolute feeling of presence. For example picturesque sceneries differ for each zone of Earth, realistic image of water surface and the marks of implosions on the ground – are really delightful! * Multiplayer game mode permits to use deathmatch and team capture the flag options, which are exceptionally absorbing for each gamer! * Play via LAN or Internet.