Will Rock screens #3

Ubisoft kindly sent us some new screenshots of Saber Interactive's upcoming FPS, Will Rock. Check them out in our gallery.
Name: Will Rock Developer: Saber Interactive Platforms: PC, NextGen Console Available: 2003 Minimum System requirements (not final): W9x/2000/Me/XP, PIII 500 or equivalent, GF II video card or equivalent Scenario: With the aid and powers of the titan Prometheus, Will Rock rampages through Lost Olympus, seeking the safe return of his love, Emma, and revenge for the murder of his mentor, Dr. Headstrong. Prometheus, fusing his spirit into Will’s able body, seeks to wage a bloody vendetta against the god Zeus, who robbed him of physical form long ago. Half mortal, half Titan, Will Rock will stop at nothing short of toppling the pillars of the gods to wreak vengeance of mythic proportions, and to save a terrified woman in the name of love. They don’t have much time, though—on the eve of the next thunderstorm, Zeus will be able to take a new wife—and this time his sights are set on a mortal: Emma Headstrong KEY FEATURES: • 10 Huge and attractive levels in a mysterious and mythological environments:  The Greco-Roman City  Caves and The Underworld  Bathhouses and Sewers  The Courtyards  The Coliseum • 15 unique types of enemies with multiple variations:  Minotaurs  Centaurs  Skeletons  Tigers & Lions  Satyrs  Harpies • 11 powerful weapons including:  Bazooka  Flaming Crossbow  Winchester Lever Action Shotgun  Acid gun  Multi-chamber Machine Gun  Trusty Axe • Multiplayer mode:  Treasure Hunt (Team based)  Deathmatch  Cooperative

Will Rock
Will Rock on PC
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