The Witcher v1.3 Patch and Adventure Editor

The patch includes Price of Neutrality adventure
A new update for The Witcher has been released, bringing to v1.3 this action-RPG developed by CD Projekt Red Studio (thanks: Blues). The Module Edition Upgrade package adds the functionality of running a user editable module. The sample module has been provided, offering a couple of hours of additional gameplay, which can be altered by the user using the Module Editor. The New Game main menu offers two options now: starting the regular game, or starting new adventure (new module). The Witcher 1.3 Module Edition is only partially compatible with saved games from previous versions (1.0, 1.1a, 1.2). Loading older saved games is still possible but may lead to unexpected behavior and other problems. The players are advised to restart the game from the beginning using The Witcher 1.3 Module Edition. The Díjinni beta adventure editor is also availaible for download - a playable demo is locally mirrored here.
Update: a new digital download patch is mirorred as well (thanks: The Patches Scrolls).

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