Fire Department screens #3

The official Fire Department website has been updated with a new selection of (low res) screenshots of this 3D strategy/sim in the works at Monte Cristo. The screens takes you through one of the missions set at a service station, in which "the first objective is to clear out the tanker which could explode at any moment".
Become a modern-day hero! Courageously fight against the flames and rescue hundreds of civilians in the process. Only the most brave will climb the ranks to lead the fire-fighters! Your courage alone will not be enough, team-work is the key to success, using nurses, commandos, engineers, bomb experts, rescue specialists.... It’s for you to decide to bring in the right person at the right moment to save the day, with nurses aiding the injured whilst the commandos gain access to the riskiest of areas. In certain cases, time will be of the essence such as shutting down leaking gas pipes or disarming a bomb. In all cases, you’ll have to prove you can keep your cool in situations where the temperature will always be rising!! Features: Got what it takes to become a hero? In Fire Department, experience what life is really like for fire-fighters. Choose your team, vehicles and equipment! As captain of your station, train up your team, teach them the basics of the profession and how to manage in emergencies, develop their resistance to stress... and most importantly, get your team through their missions successfully! The spread of the fire, the number of people in danger... all this has to be taken into account on arrival at the scene of the fire. If you think that your guys can’t handle a fire, call in the specialists and choose amongst a large range of support vehicles. In the heat of action, overcome all obstacles blocking your way and find a strategic point of entry allowing you to extinguish a fire more rapidly. Get rewarded for all your hard work: medals will be awarded to players that have saved the most lives whilst using limited resources. - 10 spectacular missions inspired from real life events: explosions involving service stations, petrochemical complexes and rail accidents, inner city and warehouse fires... - 6 distinct jobs: the basic fireman (reduces the size of fires and breaks obstacles using an axe), the nurse (transports the injured away from the scene), the specialists protective clothing (longest resistance to fire), the engineers (close gas valves, work on all complex mechanical objects...), the commandos (infiltrate the most inaccessible areas) and the desincarcerators (overcome the most difficult of obstacles). - Fireman memorial : Detailed records on firemen missing in action. - Larger than life vehicles: The Aerial (large truck), the Pumper (truck with mobile hose), the Mini Pumper, the Water Tower, the Tanker (water reserve), the Medic Master (ambulance) and the Wildland Xtrem (bulldozer). - Each fireman has a detailed history of their actions built up over each mission. - Rewards presented to the best captain according to the number of lives saved, the time needed, the reinforcements called in and the number of firemen lost.