Sim City 4 FanPack

Maxis and EA have released a FanPack for their upcoming city building game Sim City 4. This one includes logos, SimCity 4 package, user interface icons, advisor icons, buildings, banners and simCity 4 advertisement. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Download Sim City 4 FanPack (15 MB)
  • Thanks for downloading this SimCity 4 fansite kit! Have fun creating your very own fansite. SimCity fansites have been around for over four years now and we look forward to continuing to build our online community with your help. Thanks again for your support! What we've included for you is as follows: • Logos • SimCity 4 package • User interface icons • Advisor icons • Buildings • Banners • SimCity 4 advertisement Enjoy! --Maxis Web Team