Cabal Online US Client Patch (04-22-2008)

Download the patch and extract the file( then just replace the old update.exe files with the new update.exe files in the patch
OGPlanet has released a new manual patch for the US client of Cabal Online, a MMORPG which places you in a graphically vivid world of non-stop hack & slash action mixed with hundreds of quests. The game features more than 300 dungeons, in-game markets and in-game lottery. CABAL includes both Player vs. Environment and Player vs. Player gameplay, with some servers designated specifically for PvP combat. An option that allows players to manually attack, rather than auto-attacking targets, provides additional control and accuracy, which is especially noticeable in PvP combat. In a unique approach to moderating PvP combat, players who continuously kill, or "gank", lower-level players will be transported to an in-game jail, where they will wander a seemingly endless maze until their sentence is complete. Visit the official website for details.