Movie: Industry Giant 2 1980-2020

JoWooD has released a new video of the upcoming official expansion to Industry Giant II, "1980 - 2020". The game will be released in the UK this week and in the rest of the world Q1 2003. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Industry Giant 2 1980-2020 Trailer (Low Res) (8.9 MB)
  • Industry Giant 2 1980-2020 Trailer (High Res) (16.4 MB)
  • The add-on to Industry Giant II covers the time period from 1980 to 2020. Industry Giant II fans can look forward to products like cell phones and computers; the more nostalgic among the players get additional products like jewellery industry and coffeehouses available from 1900 on. Many new means of transportation will challenge the player like high-speed trains and helicopters with dedicated heliports. These combine the advantages of trucks (small stations) and planes (high speed). The newly implemented overseas ports will give you a new strategic approach by importing and exporting goods, expanding your field of action beyond the borders of the map. Control of storage space was much improved. Now you can link factories and railway stations to certain storage places to influence the flow of goods directly. Inside the storage space, management is much easier now since you can control every single unit of storage place individually, which leads to a better use of capacity. Many other details like monthly scheduled departure of trains and an extensive scoring at the end of each game will definitely increase the fun of playing Industry Giant II. Features: Additional means of transportation : 5 Trains, 3 Trucks, 3 Ships, 3 Planes, 3 Helicopters High speed tracks for faster trains 56 new products New industries like Goldmine, Fishing port, Refinery, and jewellery industry Overseas ports for import and export Heliports as an alternative to huge airports Additional luxury buildings fort the successful Industry Giant like a golf yard and a private airport 20 new missions within three campaigns 30 new endless maps plus special oversize multiplayer maps Level editor allowing you to create your own maps. Plus all the fun and endless maps available on the Industry Giant II homepage until October 2002