Kart n'Crazy's Closing Beta Details

Online beta test closing, but unlimited access to power-ups this week.
GOA announced that Kart n'Crazy's beta test is drawing to a close. There are four days to test all the race-cars and game tracks from GOA.com's free online kart racing extravaganza. To close this beta phase, the testers will have unlimited access to all the game items this week. The beta test will finish up on the 28th April. In order to treat all players fairly and equally, all accounts will be reset at zero, the Nitros, experience and the collected items have been deleted from the servers. However, all those taking part in the beta will receive an exclusive reward as a special thank you present when the game is released. Kart n'Crazy, the free PC karting game from Goa.com, will be on official release and can be played online from the 29th April. New screenshots found their way in our gallery.