Prince of Qin MP Demo

Strategy First has released a new demo of Prince of Qin, the isometric action/RPG developed by Object Software. This demo is "multiplayer only based on the persistent world of the POQ Battle.Net version and is played for free". Source: FilePlanet. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Prince of Qin MP Demo (221 MB)
  • Introduction to POQ Battle.Net Demo Prince of Qin, an action role-playing computer game, has been developed by Object Software. This title is set in the last 4 years of the Great Qin Dynasty in China from 210 BC to 206 BC. After the death of the First Emperor the Qin Dynasty began to crumble and the last 4 years of the Dynasty was a time of great turmoil as various warlords tried to snatch the imperial throne. This is the Multiplayer Demo based on the POQ Battle.Net version. The POQ Battle.Net version is quite different from the single player version, providing a series of large new scenes, numerous missions, diverse characters and a variety of items. Besides the newly added functions like Dialogue and Transaction amongst gamers, Team and Group provide players more complete interchangeability. After installation of the Demo gamers can log onto POQ Battle.Net and experience the persistent world of POQ on the dedicated server. Access to the server is completely free to all players. However, there are great differences between the Demo version and the full version: a. In the full game, there are totally five characters available: Paladin, Muscleman, Assassin, Wizard and Witch. However, in the Demo, players can only select Paladin and Wizard to play. b. In the Demo players can only upgrade their characters to level 5 as compared to an upgrade level of 99 in the full game. c. In the Demo, players can only reach three low-level scenes: Zhaocun village, the Suburbs of Yangzhou and Tiger-fish Cave, whereas in the full game there are about 70 scenes. d. In the full game, there are about 30 missions for players to accomplish. However, in the Demo, players have only two primary tasks: 1. Kill the Leader of the Qin Troops at Zhaocun Village; and 2. Kill the Wolf King.