Ultra Assault Demo

Small Rockets has released a playable demo of Ultra Assault, a great 'retro' shoot 'em up featuring "configurable difficulty, dynamic music, stunning graphics and more". Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Ultra Assault Demo (19.6 MB)
  • Ultra Assault Step into the shoes of an elite pilot, flying the latest CAA (Covert Aerial Assault) aircraft. Ultra Assault will pit you against devious agressors who will throw all their might at you. There's no backup - you're on your own. Take on six levels of carnage, each with a dastardly boss to defeat. You'll fly over South China Seas, Industrial and Urban quarters, a Subterranean base and finally an assault on the Moon! With the full version of the game, you can compete with others using our RocketRating system, or create new levels to swap with others using the included editor. Features: * Classic 2D game play with full 3D graphics and effects * Wide variety of aliens to battle * 6 huge levels, each with its own bosses to defeat * Dynamic soundtrack and powerful sound effects * RocketRating(TM) system for competition with other players * Includes a complete editor - now you can make new levels and share them