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Today we have added the following games to our casual online / downloadable shareware gaming section:

- Games courtesy of Big Fish Games

Pairix Puzzle Online game. Find em and match em! Match massive combinations of multicolored tokens in this intriguing puzzle game! Start simple swapping tokens to make pairs and work your way up to huge, board-clearing combination matches! Keep your eye on the timer, and make sure you meet or beat your combo quota to advance to the next level!
Eye for Design Downloadable game. Halle has graduated at the top of her class from the most prestigious interior decorator academy in Paris. Now she`s ready to take the next step and start her own business. Design and decorate ultimate dream homes for Halle`s stylistically demanding clientele from single-room studio apartments to elaborate multi-room mansions. Choose from hundreds of colorful, uniquely chic accessories and pieces of furniture in Eye for Design, a puzzle-filled adventure

- Games courtesy of Reflexive Entertainment

Lucky's Rainbow Downloadable game. Join Lucky the Leprechaun and Paddy the Cat on a whirlwind tour of some of Irelands most popular tourist spots! Enjoy traditional Celtic tunes and a unique rotating game mechanic as you win gold and solve puzzles all along the way! If your eye is keen and your reflexes nimble, you will be rewarded with a journey that few have been privileged to enjoy! Treat yourself to 50 levels of magical matching with Luckys Rainbow!- Developed by: Cats Eye Games
Yard Sale Junkie Downloadable game. Shirley is an aspiring entrepreneur. Her charming personality and ability to organize successful yard sales make her a natural business woman, with a dream to someday open her own boutique in Beverly Hills. Help Shirley raise the money she needs by hosting yard sales in Malibu, Venice Beach, Hollywood and Beverly Hills! Pick things up and move them around in a unique dynamic environment as you help your yard sale junkies find that perfect item! Start the selling frenzy today!- Developed by: Sudden Game.

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