Operation Flashpoint Resistance v1.91 Beta Patch

Codemasters has released a new patch for Bohemia Interactive's tactical shooter expansion, Operation Flashpoint: Resistance. The patch (v1.91 Beta) adds new weapons, units, vehicles, features, and MP Missions. The patch also adds a new scripting function, and fixes two small bugs. Thanks: 3D Gamers. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Operation Flashpoint Resistance v1.91 Patch (Beta) (14.5 MB)
  • ***** OPERATION FLASHPOINT: RESISTANCE Upgrade 1.91 README ***** This package will install RESISTANCE Upgrade 1.91 to your Operation Flashpoint directory. REQUIRED: ========= ORIGINAL VERSION OF OPERATION FLASHPOINT AND OPERATION FLASHPOINT: RESISTANCE. You have to have OFP: Resistance installed before aplying this patch. If you have 1.85 patch installed you can still upgrade to version 1.90 with this patch - look at "BUG FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS IN 1.90" section to see what is new. If you have 1.90 patch installed you can still upgrade to version 1.91 with this patch - look at "BUG FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS IN 1.91" section to see what is new. More info about upgrades and patches can be found on www.codemasters.com/flashpoint or www.flashpoint1985.com. WHAT'S NEW ========== New weapons ----------- * Hunting Rifle (HuntingRifle, HuntingRifleMag): civilian hunting rifle with optics. Very strong but a bit slow. * G-17 - silenced version: This is the silenced version of standard G-17 (but with less range). * Revolver (Revolver, RevolverMag): very powerful yet very slow hand gun. * M-10 : submachinegun used as handgun. Not the most accurate weapon but has a high rate of fire and clips that hold 30 bullets. New units --------- * Resistance / Sniper: Resistance soldier with a mask, Hunting Rifle and M-10. * West / pilot with hand gun: Standard pilot with new revolver. * West / silenced BlackOp: BlackOp with satchel charges and HK and hand gun, both silenced. New vehicles ------------ * Bicycle: civilian bicycle. * Small Car: small and fast. New features ------------ * Hand guns have no tracers now. * Hand guns are more inaccurate over longer distances. * Hand gun types are more different now (The Tok is the strongest but the most inaccurate G-17 is the most accurate, etc.) * Some new sounds added. * Some better animations used New MP Missions --------------- * SectorControl.Noe: New version of old mission. Extensive fighting around a small bridge on the north. * FlagFightHandGuns.Noe: Very fast and deadly mission. Deathmatch with flag on a very small area. Hand guns only. BUG FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS IN 1.91 ================================== 1.91 - Fixed: When MP mission was played after resistance campaign, weapon pool was available in MP. 1.91 - New: New scripting function typeOf ... 1.91 - Fixed: Vehicle movements were too slow downhill on some roads.