Buzz! Master Quiz New Screens

Thirteen new screens
Our gallery has been updated with new screenshots from Buzz! Master Quiz, a PSP game which allows you, for the first time in Buzz! history, to take cheeky game show host Buzz! wherever you want. Buzz! for PSP packs over 5000 questions - on topics including music, celebrities, TV, sport, science, nature, movies and general knowledge - alongside 1000 pictures and videos, into a handheld PSP game ready to test your knowledge at home or on the move. The title features six new round types specifically designed for PSP including the speed-is-of-the-essence ‘Quickfire Challenge', the picture-puzzler ‘Picture This' and the mind-boggling 'Virus Challenge'. Developed by Relentless Software, Buzz! Master Quiz will be released during July 2008 - press 'read more' for the fact sheet.