Mob Rule ships

Simon & Schuster Interactive announced today that Mob Rule has shipped nation wide and is now available at computer software retailers everywhere. Mob Rule "combines go-to-the-mat gameplay action with macabre comedy and the artificial intelligence (AI) of a cityscape simulation to give players a thoroughly entertaining strategy game." A playable demo is available here.
SIMON & SCHUSTER INTERACTIVE SHIPS THE FIRST SIMULATION GAME IN ITS "FAMILY" BUSINESS: MOB RULE Called "A Winner" by Major Gaming Press, Mob Rule to be Backed by the Largest Marketing Campaign since Starship Titanic, Targeting Both Hard-Core and "Casual" Gamers Alike NEW YORK, September 7, 1999 - Simon & Schuster Interactive announced today it's much anticipated PC game title MOB RULE (Windows® 95/98, $39.95 estimated street) has shipped nation wide and is now available at computer software retailers everywhere. The title will be backed by the largest marketing campaign since the company's other hit PC/MAC game "Starship Titanic." MOB RULE has received critical acclaim from some of the largest computer gaming and consumer press: "For anyone who was disappointed by Gangsters, Mob Rule will cheer you up. With good graphics, fun gameplay, and a great sense of humor, Mob Rule looks to be a winner." - "What's really impressive about Mob Rule is the way that it takes relatively simple concepts and tools and pulls them into tricky scenarios which are always easier said than done." -- Happy Puppy Games ( "Mob Rule is shaping up to be a fun little game for any would be Capone or Siegel." - Computer Games Online ( "The juxtaposition of city simulation and mob atmosphere is a natural, and all indications are that Mob Rule will build on this foundation with solid gameplay, a twisted sense of humor and a long list of options that should entice even the choosiest gamers." - The Adrenaline Vault ( "Mob Rule is clever, addictive, and possibly one of the most entrepreneurial games we've seen in a while." -- USA TODAY "MOB RULE will be backed by our largest marketing campaign since Starship Titanic," said Walter Walker, vice president of sales and marketing for Simon & Schuster Interactive. "We are going to promote this game to the hard-core gamers and to casual gamers alike." The marketing campaign for MOB RULE will consist of: · Broadcast TV ads - Network cable and local network TV affiliates in top markets. · National Consumer Print Press · Hard core gaming publications - PC Gamer, Computer Gaming World, Computer Games Strategy Plus · Trade - MCV, Gameweek, GamesBusiness · Online - Games sites, consumer web sites · Poster Snipes - In key college markets. About MOB RULE Unlike anything in the entertainment software market today, MOB RULE combines go-to-the-mat gameplay action with macabre comedy and the artificial intelligence (AI) of a cityscape simulation to give players a thoroughly entertaining strategy game. Without Insurance You Could End Up Sleeping with the Fishes Welcome to 1930's America. Thanks in a large part to Prohibition, organized crime is on the rise and a number of criminal Families are fighting for national control of the illicit markets - booze, prostitution, numbers, you name it. It's a dog-eat-dog world of corruption, murder and sex...and as the new kid on the block, you're lookin' like a milk bone. Your quest for total criminal control will take you to five cities, all ready for that corrupt touch! · Hicksville - Tiny backwater 'burb with not an ounce of illegal activity...until you arrive. · Cripple's Bend - A snowed out wasteland just waiting for someone to expose its penchant for corruption. · Detroit - A decently sized city comprised principally of slums, your job is half-done here when you arrive... can you finish it? · New York - You'll need to become a worm in the Big Apple, spreading your criminal businesses across its skin until the very core disintegrates. · Capital City: The Mother Lode - Over-run with powerful, rival families, Capital City is your ultimate proving ground. If your business acumen and paranoid tendencies are JUST right, you'll walk away holding the leash of the North American Cosa Nostra. You begin MOB RULE with one humble building from which you create an empire. Start by taking over city blocks and adding the basics - a soup kitchen (to get money to further your efforts), a breeder house (you need to make new workers and tenants), and so on. To get you going in the right direction, a Godfather is provided who helps you through the "training missions." These missions will lay the foundation for your world dominance. Along the way, you'll learn how to: · Build a new business - Peep show, Brothel, Burlesque Theater, Saloon, Speak Easy and so on. All key to making big money to further your "family." · Bribe the police - There's two types of police - those that monitor your 'hood and the other your opponents'. You'll need to bribe both so they won't "bust" your illegal business, and so they'll leave you alone when your opponent's house mysteriously blows up! · Interact with "undesirables" - These are people you wouldn't dare bring home to mom. From Hoodlums (they commit arson, among other things) to Hookers (distract those Police with a good strip-tease!), you're bound to find a character you can associate with! MOB RULE is now available for the PC (Windows ® 98/95) at an estimated street price of $39.95. A "demo" (or demonstration) version of Mob Rule is available at all major online games sites or at the Mob Rule web site: Mob Rule has been rated T or "Teen and above" by the Entertainment Software Review Board (ESRB). More information can be found at