T-Zwei Demo

Atlanteq kindly sent us the playable demo of T-Zwei, a great “old school” shoot’em’up, with amazing graphics and sounds (try it, and you will see). The demo lets you play the second World of the game (Fire Level). Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • T-Zwei Demo (59 MB)
  • Format: PC [console versions planned] Genre: Action Shooter Target Age: 13 - 35 Where does the energy of a planet go, when that planet dies? And why do some planets die, in the first place? Nobody knows, but that’s not going to stop you. You will find out what’s happening to your planet, no matter how hard your research will be. And it WILL be harder than you might think, that’s guaranteed... Welcome to a different world, owned by mysterious and unknown creatures. Welcome to a dangerous world, where enemies are lurking behind every single corner. Welcome to a bizarre world, where none of your notions apply. Welcome to T-Zwei, where you’ll need all of your skills, guts and luck. Good luck, brave traveler... Graphics and sound might not be everything in a videogame, but does this still hold true when a stunning next-gen shooter like T-Zwei comes around? Born to be a killer application, and nothing less, T-Zwei sports huge on-screen objects, tons of different enemies, fully animated background graphics, smooth multi-directional scrolling, multiple parallax layers and an explosive aural compartment. Still not sure about the sheer power of technology alone? Well, no need to worry: T-Zwei plays even better than it looks and sounds, thanks to its unique and challenging gameplay. Trying is believing... Features: · Phenomenal 32 bit colour graphics · Polygon-generated 2D environments and objects · Breathtaking explosions and unbelievable visual effects · Dynamic lights and weather conditions, with fog, rain and much more · Full-screen zoom, rotations, blending and anti-aliasing · Hierarchical animations · 5 huge and mysterious worlds · Tons of enemies with specific attacks and patterns, led by powerful bosses · State-of-the-art upgradable weapons system · Deep and rewarding chain-combos

    T-Zwei on PC
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