KRI 2007 Awards for Buka/The Swarm Screens #2/Collapse Gameplay Trailer

The Swarm and Collapse recognized among the best titles at the Russian Game Developers Conference
Buka Entertainment today announced that Collapse and The Swarm received KRI Awards 2008 at the 6th International Game Developers Conference in Russia (KRI). Collapse is an action game in development at Creoteam set in an alternative future (2096 A.D.) in which the world we now is destroyed and creatures from other dimension emerged over the old Europe, massacring and killing every life form they found on their way. Developed by Targem Games, The Swarm is a 3D adventure game where the player will face the challenge of surviving in a wasted Moscow that shows the scars of an alien attack, defending himself from the attacks of other humans looking for a piece of food, and from the dangerous aliens. Seven new screenshots from The Swarm and a gameplay movie from Collapse have been added in our download section.

Collapse on PC
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