Bloodstone - The Journey Home v1.0.1.1317 Released

The time has come: Bloodstone - The Journey Home is now available for download:
Bloodstone: The Journey Home is a third person role-playing total conversion of Half Life 2, using the Source engine. In this modification, Khrinz, a common farm boy is plunged into an unknown world of magic and deceit, on the brink of an unstoppable invasion by a technologically advanced race. The player must lead the hero through the mysterious land of Darynia in search of the fabled bloodstone, a powerful gem that has the ability to create portals to other planes of existence, whilst also discovering their innate magical powers, so that they may defend themselves from the sinister and evil creatures of the world. This power can either be used to fuel mystical and powerful spells of the arcane, or infuse deadly weapons with the force of the elements. As the player grows in experience, more potent spells and abilities are unlocked, to use against the ever increasing number of enemies. Thanks: Mod DB.