Black Mirror Demo

Unknown Identity has released an english playable demo of The Black Mirror (previously known as Death Bringer), allowing you to try this upcoming horror/adventure game. The demo lets you play the second chapter of the game ('Afternoon in Wales'). Enjoy another Gamer's Hell premiere :) Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • The Black Mirror Demo (30 MB)

  • The Black Mirror Horror Adventure playable demo v1.0 Future Games (c)2002 Unknown Identity (c)2002
    *-------------------------------------------- 1. System Requirements: *-------------------------------------------- Minimum: Pentium II (or equivalent) 200 MHz 64 MB system RAM DirectX compliant graphic card with 4 MB RAM DirectX compliant soound card Windows 95/98/ME/2000 DirectX 8.0 250 MB uncompressed hard drive space CD-ROM Recommended Pentium II 400 MHz 128 MB system RAM Graphic card with 16 MB RAM *----------------------------------- 2. Game controls: *----------------------------------- LMB: Walk, using active objects, combining items in inventory, information on active object on screen. RMB: Closer inspection on some interesting objects or items, and using/activating items in your inventory. Double click: This function lets you move between locations very quickly. Locations exits showns as small door icon. Tab: Pressing Tab will show every passable exits from current location. Esc: Return to the main screen. Move your mouse down to activate inventory. *--------------------------------------------- 3. Technical parameters: *--------------------------------------------- The Black Mirror offers: 120 active locations in six chapters 120 pages of dialogues 100 inventory items 35 scenic pieces 23 NPC characters 20 logical puzzles Excellent graphic design Parallax scrolling Graphic resolution 800x600 true color Professional dubbing performed by actors and dubbing actors Many realistic animations Scenic soundtrack Professional sound effects Manifold dialogues Logic riddles and puzzles Film sequences Intensive atmosphere *--------------------------------------------------- 4. Additional informations: *--------------------------------------------------- This demo doesn't represent full quality of the original game. Please keep in mind, that each section you choose to play must not have a logical ending, because it is cut out from the original game to show variety of atmospheres. If you would share your opinion or suggest a question, visit our official website: Screenshots, previews, in-game video and game music (and now demo) are also available here.
    UI (c)2002