Season Ticket Baseball 2003 v1.6 Patch

Infogrames has released a new patch for their baseball management sim, Season Ticket Baseball 2003. The patch (v1.6) finally resolves all password issues in online league mode, as well as some other bugs (read full story for details). Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Season Ticket Baseball 2003 v1.6 Patch (2.2 MB)
  • Season Ticket Baseball 2003 v1.6 Patch * Finally resolved all password issues in online league mode. * Team passwords allows (if set): - Access to all team screens. The roster main screen may be accessed without the password. - Show team offers in free agent period. - Make contract offers during free agent period, and export offers. * Commish password allows (if set): - Everything that is allowed by the team password. - Simming/playing games in the league schedule screen. - Proceeding rounds during free agent and coaches signing period. - Access to the draft main screen. (The predraft screen is now accessible for everybody, so that the rookies report can be accessed. - Access to the league setup screen - Access to certain functions in the online league options screen Making contract extention offers * Once the commish password has been entered, the game will no longer ask for passwords as long as the league/game is open! * Withdrawing offers now transfer along with contract offers when importing/exporting offers during FA period in online league mode. * Player history now includes more trade info (who was involved). * Fixed a rare bug that sometimes caused a huge negative amount of cash for teams that qualified for revenue sharing.