Beauty3d: Naked Covergirl v2.0 Demo

An interactive game with advanced real-time 3D graphics and beautiful virtual girls
Kaplay Studio has released a demo of Beauty3d: Naked Covergirl, a simulation game where you play as an erotic photographer, Jacky, who is attempting to take some state-of-the-art and sexy pictures of three photomodels on a tropic island. Realistic and beautiful 3D girls will not only show all kinds of attractive poses but dance for you. FPT (first person touch) technology is used - you can touch every inch of her body, then you can play with them. The game offers an interesting mix of erotic and art with the focus on the ultimate gameplay experience. Beauty3d: Covergirl can be purchased from its official website for $39.95 - this game is scored "M", having content that may be suitable for persons ages 18 and older.