MOD: Weapons Factory Arena v3.5b

A new patch for Weapons Factory Arena has been released, bringing this Quake 3 mod to v3.5b. The patch corrects all the known bugs, as well as a few map bugs. This new version also includes some levels modifications (read full story for details). Being an update, you must have v3.5 installed before applying this patch. You can get it here. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Weapons Factory Arena v3.5b Patch (20.7 MB)
  • Code Changes/Fixes ================== Fixed the Stats command so that it won't allow you to pop up windows on other player's machines by spectating them. Fixed the /stats overflow spam. Fixed the scoring in command point mode. Sentry shouldn't fire at specs anymore... for real this time. Removed the ability to have blank names. Fixed the match mode notifcation... it currently prints % is lagging instead of the player's name. Added a check for bigsun flares if rfastsky is on, dont draw sun flares either. Prevented CTF flags from spawning while in command point mode. Fixed a bug with ref_showplayers so that it should show the correct player IDs for people spectating other people. Fixed a bug that caused a server to load default classlimits even though the server was in matchmode. This means that servers set to matchmode will STAY in matchmode even between maps until matchmode is turned out. Please remember to turn it off after matches. Added a new command ref_classlimits to allow refs to modify class limits. The syntax for this command is /ref_classlimits . Some examples: /ref_classlimits sniper 5 /ref_classlimits assassin 0 (turns off the class) /ref_classlimits all 1 (sets all class limits to 1) /ref_classlimits all 0 (sets all class limits to 0, useful for refs to kick everyone to spec and prevent them from rejoining the game immediately) /ref_classlimits reset (returns the server to default classlimits for the current game mode.) Sentry rockets wont track cloaked grappling assassins anymore. Fixed sentry and decoy blocking bug. Fixed alarm model (was using laser shader) Fixed vertex alarm/laser base shader from showing bright, flaming, fucia-pink stuff Fixed cyborg's head not showing powerup effects. Changed the default "missing sound" to a silent wav. Fixed ingame player menu file from doing a vid_restart when changing maxfps. Added ingame artwork missing from the 3.5 release. Added new entities. Download the entities from the main website. Fixed some misc gfx. Added some new variables to the wfa-server.cfg, admins, use your judgement when working with the g_spawnrules variables. Level Changes ============= Elevate: 1. Updated flags so they don't show in command point 2. Fixed clipping on that small door in the tunnels 3. Fixed some over lapping brushes Goodspeed: 1. Added a huge kill brush to the spawns (to stop exploit) 2. Removed door above back entrance. 3. Fixed target_print (removed actually) Slab Revisited: 1. Shrank distance from flag to crate room by 128 units 2. Shrank wall next to pack, by 64 units. 3. Removed random spawns. One spawn room per team now. 4. Reworked dom to work with new spawns 5. Added some cusion brushes to parts of the map, to prevent falling damage on side ramps. 6. Added kill brush to spawns (to stop exploit) 7. Fixed the flares 2FortTron: 1. Increased width of mid 192 units. 2. Opened up the top sides 3. Darkened the base textures (floors and transitions) in mid as well as the light strips. This will aid those that have problems with gamma correction in defunct drivers. 4. Relaxed the picmip except on some detail textures. If you have fastsky on you aren't going to see these. 5. Darkened the opacity of the top doors. This means you can still see through it, but not like you could before unless you are right on top of it. 6. Lowered _minvertexlight from 40 to 16 7. Lowered _mingridlight from 175 to 120 8. Fixed the jumppads (twigged for the bots) and tweaked misc ai stuff. 9. Overtime gets a little 'fun'. Bulfort: 1. fixed the triggers in the ammo rooms. will now give ammo consistantly. 2. Added botclipping around the teleporters to stop bots from trying to use the wrong team's tele. Basically once they are out of the spawn rooms, they will not try to replenish ammo/health in ctf mode. 3. fixed the buttons that open the top doors. 4. Added some more commandpoint ents for the hell of it, including gameplay ones that seal the top bars once the other team leads, forcing them to use ctf routes. 5. Map gets 'interesting' in overtime in ctf mode :) Temple: 1. Added a water pool in mid, and instead of it being recessed its now raised. 2. Made all the glass breakable and reduced the damage required a tad. Three long plasmabombs will break every bit of glass in the flagrooms. 3. Stuck some bricks in the bottom tunnels so people can figure out where the entrance is. 4. Raised up the bottom entrance so borgs won't get stuck anymore. 5. Added a teleporter in the ammo rooms that leads to the 'break room'. 6. The gates do not spawn in commandpoint mode. 7. Added ammo/armour/health in teams around the map with 1 second wait. 8. All glass breaks during overtime (50% chance). Zero: 1. Cleaned up some misc brush errors from GTK that caused havoc with clipping. 2. Added Commandpoint bot support and fixed some AI routing issues in ctf. 3. Moved the intermission so you don't stare at a wall. In matchmode, it got boring fast. 4. Added some clipping in the ammo rooms to stop some llamas. Abyss: 1. Fixed the nice clipping exploit resulting from GTK bug. 2. Stopped the bots from going in the water and drowning. (I think. They still might). 3Level2: 1. Modified back the flagstand to the 3lvl1 style. 2. Modified back the little wall in FR near the big ramp, 3lvl1 style. 3. Put back the large bridge up a bit like in 3lvl1. 4. Modified the 2 bumpers area so it will be easier to jump throught it. 5. Modified the separations in the Spawnroom so they will be easier to cross. 6. Modified Downstairs Mid a bit Kheops: 1. Fixed the Z Fighting that could be seen on the water route ceiling (both bases) 2. Made the teamed Trigger_Hurt in spawn rooms as big as the room (to prevent llama tactics) 3. Teamed the armors and packs in both spawnrooms (same purpose.)