New info on Red Dead Revolver

Capcom today revealed new features for Red Dead Revolver, the first Western video game for the PS2. Red Dead Revolver "recreates the American Wild West with stunning 3-D graphics set in frontier towns, mine shafts, a ghost town and an old military fort". The game is scheduled to release this summer. Read the press release for details.
CAPCOM SERVES UP NEW INFORMATION ON RED DEAD REVOLVER™ THIS GRITTY SPAGHETTI WESTERN IS RICH IN DETAIL AND FLAVOR LAS VEGAS - January 15, 2003 - Capcom® today revealed new features for its highly anticipated Red Dead Revolver™, the first great Western video game for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. Red Dead Revolver recreates the American Wild West with stunning 3-D graphics set in frontier towns, mine shafts, a ghost town and an old military fort. To capture the flavor and feel ofa true spaghetti western, Capcom licensed music from Sergio Leone, the famous Italian composer known for famed musical scores for “A Fistful of Dollars”, “For a Few Dollars More”, and “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” This gunslinger-style, third-personaction shooter introduces Capcom’s latest hero, Red, as a mysterious, gritty hero who recalls the best of classic Western movie heroes. Red Dead Revolver is scheduled to release this summer. Red Dead Revolver features: * Innovative gameplay progression – Red begins the game as a nameless face as he wanders from town to town rescuing those in need. Once Red has completed specific goals, the story will progress with Red has settling down in Tombstone as town Sheriff. Players will be challenged to capture the outlaws and keep the town safe. * Fast action gunslinger-style battles! * Highly detailed characters with more than 1000 character animations! * Stunning 3-D graphics recreate the dusty American frontier. * Immersive game play with a complexAI system - Different computer controlled characters have a variety of emotions and behaviors as they react to outside forces according to their personalities and relationships to other characters. * Detailed targeting system allows players to target specific areas on an enemy. Quick reflexes are a must to master the game. * True western action - Ride and fight on horses, use flawless gunfighter skills, stealth, hand-to-hand combat and much more. * Fight with old-time Western weaponry with items including pistols, shotguns, whips and dynamite, and learn special combat moves and use a variety of power-up items. * Multi-player – Players can choose from a one-player story mode or an all out death match with up to four human players. In the savage, rough and tumble days of the American West, a hard working, homestead family is attacked by desperados, robbed of their possessions, and left for dead. One lone survivor, a boy named Red, is taken in by an Indian man, given a home and taught the ways of survival. Years later, a mysterious gunfighter appears in town and the lawless begin to fear for their lives. The old West will never be the same as Red fights with honor, seeking vengeance on the savage outlaws of the frontier.