Killing Floor v2.5 Released

Playing as a squad of marines, you must use firepower and teamwork to drive back massive hordes of bloodthirsty zombies
Killing Floor is a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004 based on 28 Days Later, Resident Evil and other zombie movies. Killing Floor is a cooperative multiplayer horror modification set in London at present day. The basic idea of the mod is to help you and your mates fight through hordes of mutilated blood-thirsty zombies in order to survive till the next day. The mod also contains a single-player part, where you, a marine in the British Army, have to fulfil your missions in the blood stained streets of Kondon. It is mandatory to have a working and up to date installation of UT2004 before Killing Floor will run. Six new screenshots found their way in our gallery.
Killing Floor v2.5 (256.38MB)