Spuds Demo and Helen's Game/Elfland Free Full Games

Developed by BogTurtleGames
Spuds is an offbeat game that is part strategy and part puzzle-solving. You will build a stable of Spuds (Synthetic Pattern-matching Universal Defenders) that will fight for you, die for you, race for you, and solve puzzles for you, in an effort to overcome an alien invasion. In Elfland, you take on the role of Elfie or Elfita to try and save the elf village from threatening trolls. On your quest, you will encounter helpful turtles, aggressive birds, bouncing springs, purple elf-eaters, and other assorted creatures. In Helen's Game, you collect falling coins to increase your score. The game was designed by Helen when she was 5. The game is free (donations to Helen are welcome). Visit the BogTurtleGames' website for details.