Cartel Tech Demo 2.0

Cat Daddy Games has released an updated tech demo of Cartel, its upcoming high-tech, action packed FPS for PC and next generation consoles. This new playable demo (v2.0) offers the same level as the previous version (the 'Mansion Level', in which you must sneak into the mansion of a drug boss and kill him), but there are tons of improvements and new features, such as new cutscenes, new level design, new music & sound effects, and more. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Cartel Tech Demo v2.0 (114 MB)
  • “Cartel” is a high-tech, action packed, Hollywood style first person shooter that will become the defining game in the Special Operations and Tactical Warfare genre on the Xbox or PS3 console system. As the player, you take on the role of the most elite member of the International DEA Special Operations Unit. In an effort to stabilize the losing war on drugs, you are engaged in a 6-month assignment, code named “Silent Veil “, to take down and eliminate the perilous Calistano Drug Cartel. You will be trained in the latest unconventional warfare tactics, state of the art weaponry, and the most sophisticated instrumentation of the twenty-first century. From the intense four-man close quarter combat throughout the slums of southeast Florida, in search of squealing informants, to the deployment of a full Special Forces platoon in the sweltering jungles of Columbia. “Cartel” will bring a variety of heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping missions to each chapter of the unfolding drug war campaign. Game Concept “Cartel” will feature four phases, comprising of multiple missions, in a storyline campaign. Each phase will concentrate on unique tactics, equipment, weaponry and environments. There will be a training stage (level) before each phase takes place. The premise behind the phases is to keep the player interested and engaged with a variety of exciting gameplay from beginning to end. Key Features • Tactical Squad Based Shooter with 3 modes of play: Single player, 2 player split screen co-op (four player co-op using System Link) and Multiplayer levels with up to 8 players via System Link or Online internet play. Multiplayer will provide extended gameplay and expand the life of the game. • Designed especially for a console system. Interface and game controls will be tailored to hand held controllers. • “Cartel” will focus a great deal on character development to give the game a Hollywood Action Movie flavor. Characters will have personality, attitude, and emotions coupled with unique looks and abilities. • Advanced enemy AI: Enemy interaction- Converse, alert, cover and distract each other. Unique characteristics- i.e. foreign dialect, sleepy guard nodding off, boisterous cigar smoking leader, cowering overrun guard, etc. React to sound and will investigate. Enemy vision and hearing will vary with environmental surroundings. Advanced pursuit logic- Follow, flank, retreat, cut off, and fake out maneuvers. Capable of multiple sequence of events- i.e. Alert fellow guard of your presence, shoot at you, retreat up stairs, go through door, close door, wait behind door, ambush you upon entry. • Physically modeled joint linkages- Weapons will have unique forces upon impact on characters, and the game will use physics to collide the body with the environment. i.e A point-blank shotgun blast to the chest would send the body flying backwards with great force and slam against a wall, then drop to floor. If an enemy were standing next to a railing he would propel backwards, hit the railing with his legs and flip over it head first. No two shots would ever be the same. • Motion captured animations. • Self-sufficient AI squad members with basic on the fly commands; Assault, Guard, Cover and Regroup, with offensive or defensive mode (aggressive or stealthy). • Dolby Digital and Dolby Surround audio for enhanced 3D sound. The sense of "hearing" will play an essential roll in creating the mood and realism of the game. • Ease of play- Unlike many of the counterpart PC Special Operations style games and console ports, which are inundated with convoluted menus, set ups and complex command features (which can even overwhelm the average PC user), “Cartel” will focus the player on his/her character and keep the action in the game at all times. • Large variety of upgradeable weapons and gadgetry that will boast stunning special effects and over the top firepower...there will be no skimping or holding back in this department. • U.S. Navy SEAL consultant: Expert advice on tactics, gear, missions and overall detail for added realism and effect. • Advanced internally developed engine: Full skeletal animation with fluid blending Scripted and dynamically adaptive Artificial Intelligence Dynamic shadows, light maps and environmental reflections Complete vehicle rigid body physics and suspension simulation Utilization of hardware shaders Full Multiplayer support Completely customizable particle system Highly efficient pipeline from art development tools to game environment Our engine has been under development for over 5 years and is proven with more than 8 titles shipped in the last two years. The engine has successfully passed the test of time, not only in the variety of titles that it has been used on, but also in the fact that another 6 titles will be released this year that will leverage it.