Madden NFL 09 E3 2008 Gameplay Trailer

0:31 of gameplay footage
Electronic Arts has released a new gameplay trailer from Madden NFL 09, showcasing this game which will hit the store shelves across North America on August 12. Madden NFL 09 will contain more than 85 new features and enhancements, including the all-new Virtual Trainer tutorial mode. Utilizing a holographic environment, this mode teaches gamers simple concepts about playing football and how to use the controls in quick, fun and stylized drills. The game will also include a special collector's edition in celebration of the 20th anniversary of this franchise. The Madden NFL 09 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition will feature full versions of both Madden NFL 09 and the all-new NFL Head Coach 09, exclusive classic Madden NFL gameplay, and an extensive library of exclusive bonus video content. Madden NFL 09 will be available for Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, PS2, Wii and DS.