War and Peace english site

Several months after the french version, Microids has launched the official War and Peace english website, showcasing its historical RTS set in the 19th century. The site offers a description of the game features, some screenshots, the previously released demo, and more.
Features: * Become your nation’s leader and influence the course of the 19th century’s history! You’ll be in charge of your country’s entire governing strategy: from the political aspect to the economic decisions, without forgetting science, war and diplomacy. * On a fully 3D worldwide map govern your country in a realistic historical context and become one of the high-profile headmen of a fascinating period of history. * War & Peace, the figures : 183 real cities, a landscape built out of 105 screens, 12 different architectural styles, 6 major nations to play with, 30 neutral nations, 40 scenarios, over 180 generals, and 16 different types of units. * War & Peace remains faithful to the actual historical era, do not hesitate to visit the History section to learn more about this fascinating epoch!