Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 v242 Final Patch

Nearly 2 months after the beta version (story), Electronic Arts has now released the final v242 patch for its arcade racing game, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. The update encrypts all multiplayer races, fixes force feedback settings, adds support for Logitech Wingman Formula GP, Logitech Momo Force Wheels & Thurstmaster Force Feedback Racing Wheels. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
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  • EA GAMES(TM) presents NEED FOR SPEED(TM) HOT PURSUIT 2 PATCH 242 README WHAT THIS FILE IS ================= This file contains information in regards to Patch 242 for NEED FOR SPEED(TM) HOT PURSUIT 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INSTALLATION 2. PATCH 242 CHANGES 3. KNOWN ISSUES 1. INSTALLATION 1) Unzip the patch to your hard drive. 2) Run the setup program An error message "Old file not found" or "contents do not match" indicates that a file being patched is missing or has been modified from the original installation. To remedy this, you must reinstall HP2. Select Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel. Uninstall NEED FOR SPEED HOT PURSUIT 2, select 'No, do not delete my saved profiles'. Insert the game disk and select Install. Reapply the patch. 2. PATCH 242 CHANGES MULTIPLAYER ENCRYPTION =========================== All multiplayer races are now encrypted to provide an added level of security. FORCE FEEDBACK OPTIONS MENU =========================== Force feedback settings under the Options menu are now properly linked to the device. FORCE FEEDBACK BEHAVIOR =========================== Force feedback settings will now produce torque on steering wheels and flight sticks. Game pads will remain rumble only. Some game pads will attempt to emulate torque by rumbling. You may adjust the amount of vibration using force feedback settings under the Options menu. MULTIPLE FORCE FEEDBACK DEVICES =========================== If you have multiple force feedback devices, force feedback will only be active through the device that is mapped to steering input. LOGITECH (TM) WINGMAN FORMULA GP & LOGITECH MOMO FORCE WHEELS =========================== The game now recognizes separate gas and brake mappings for Logitech Wingman Formula GP and Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP pedals. To use this feature, go to the Start menu, select Settings, select Control Panel. Within Control Panel, double-click Game Controllers, select your Logitech device, and click on Properties. Click on Settings within the Properties window, and uncheck "Pedal reported as... Combined". Note: This only applies to LOGITECH wheels, other wheels should assume combined axis mode to work properly with NFS HP2. THURSTMASTER (TM) FORCE FEEDBACK RACING WHEELS =========================== The game now maps the gas and brake pedals correctly for Thurstmaster Force Feedback Racing Wheels. 3. PATCH 242 KNOWN ISSUES MICROSOFT (TM) RACING WHEEL PEDALS =========================== Setting the pedals to split axis mode is not currently supported. From the controler properties in the control panel select combined axis mode. MICROSOFT (TM) RACING WHEEL VIBRATIONS =========================== When using the Win98 drivers for the MS Sidewinder (TM) Force Feedback wheel under Windows (TM) XP and Windows 2000, vibrations may not be present. See documentation for your device to install the appropriate drivers. AUTO-CENTERING FORCES =========================== Most racing wheels support device auto-centering. These forces can dampen other forces such as collision and grip effects. It is suggested you turn off or down these effects if you are not experiencing force feedback in game play. See documentation for your particular device. END OF NEED FOR SPEED HOT PURSUIT 2 PATCH 242 README