We Cheer E3 2008 Screens and Gameplay Trailers

Three new gameplay movies
NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. has released the first screenshots and new gameplay movies from We Cheer, a new Wii game which utilizes full-motion based controls to let players dance to the music of 30 licensed songs. Putting players at the center of a nationwide cheerleading competition, We Cheer utilizes two Wii Remotes as virtual pom-poms to create an authentic cheerleading experience. Players must move the wireless Wii Remotes as directed by the on-screen indicators to choreographed routines, utilizing a full range of arm and body movements such as spins and twists. As each routine is successfully performed, the player will be able to recruit new team members to their squad, adding new cheerleading abilities and choreographed routines. We Cheer for the Wii will be available Fall 2008.