New World Order v1.35 Patch

Project Three Interactive has issued another patch for New World Order, the tactical FPS developed by Termite Games. The patch (v1.35) improves stability and performance, adds new controls, support for mouse wheel, upgrades AI, and more (read full story for details). Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • New World Order v1.34 to v1.35 Patch (503 KB)
  • New World Order v1.3 to v1.35 Patch (562 KB)
  • New World Order v1.2 to v1.35 Patch (882 KB)
  • New World Order v1.1 to v1.35 Patch (919 KB)
  • New World Order v1.0 to v1.35 Patch (955 KB)
  • Problems solved and features added for V1.35: - Improved stability - Improved performance - Added bindable 'previous weapon' control - Added bindable 'cycle weapon forward' control - Added bindable 'cycle weapon backward' control - Added mouse wheel as bindable input - Single player made easier, player more resistant - Improved networking throughput and bandwidth usage - AI upgraded for single player and Cooperative game modes - Hostage rescue game mode improved, hostage behavior improved - Added blue/green colors to different teams in scoreboard - Added blue/green colors for chat messages showing team - Added 'dead' tag after name in chat messages - Added 'auto reload' switch in player options - Weapons upgrade for AI in coop, AI's grab weapon according to rank - Added map rotation script for servers - Added map rotation time '+map time' switch on command line - Added 'vote map' remote command for map voting - Added 'vote mode' remote command for game mode voting - Moved 'dead' tag in scoreboard to after name, so you can see rank when dead - Made chat messages use smaller font - Added a little gravity for jumping - Added 'player joined' and 'player left' messages top right corner - Fixed issues with certain keys - Shooting hostages give minus ranking points - Fixed server thread timer issue - NWO dedicated server with +pure option now runs in a window so it will run on any Windows box