American McGee's Grimm Episode One Released and Trailer

24 individual standalone game episodes, each of which is based on a classic fairy tale such as Little Red Riding Hood or Beauty and the Beast
GameTap has announced the release of A Boy Learns What Fear Is, the first episode of American McGee's Grimm, a new episodic action-adventure game developed by Spicy Horse. American McGee's Grimm features 24 episodes and the action takes place in a world built around some of the best known tales from the Brothers Grimm, including Rapunzel, Rumplestiltskin, Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White. The first Volume of American McGee's Grimm consists of eight standalone episodes which will be released weekly as follows: July 31- A Boy Learns What Fear Is, August 7 - Little Red Riding Hood, August 14 - The Fisherman and His Wife, August 21 - Puss In Boots, August 28 - The Girl Without Hands, September 4 - Godfather Death, September 11 - The Devil and His Three Golden Hairs, September 18 - Beauty and the Beast. A new trailer is now available.