Space Chimps Audio Track Pack Released

The game will be available tomorrow, August 1st
Brash Entertainment has released an audio track pack from Space Chimps, a game based on the animated film of the same name produced by Vanguard Animation and presented by Starz Media. The new CGI-animated adventure-comedy follows the adventures of a mischievous circus chimp named Ham (Samberg) who happens to be the grandson of the first primate ever sent into space. As a publicity stunt, Ham is chosen to lead a mission into space to explore a mysterious new planet. But when he and his crew crash land on the bizarre yet beautiful world and find their lives in peril, Ham must prove that he really does have "the right stuff". Fans of the film can expand their experience with the game, which will offer players a unique storyline that chronicles the quest of Ham and Luna (Hines) as they overcome the perils of an alien planet in search of Earth's lost Infinity Space Probe. Space Chimps will be available tomorrow for Xbox 360, PS2, Wii.