Science & Industry 2 v1.1 Released

The second version of the sequel to Half-Life modification Science & Industry now available
Science & Industry 2 is a teamplay modification for Half-Life 2 in which players take on the role of Security Officer in a bitter struggle between two rival corporations in the world of defence technology research. It is the job of Security Officers to acquire and protect the company's most valuable resources - the scientists, which develop technologies for the company, and the technologies themselves. Since it is the technologies and scientists which generate the income for your company, which in turn keeps the company at the leading edge of the business world, these resources are vital to success. However, the company isn't content with just having its own scientists and technologies - the opposition also has plenty of scientists working for them. Stealing scientists from the opposition is a great way to increase productivity, and keep those new technologies coming thick and fast. The latest version of this mod is now locally mirrored (thanks: Blues).