Nocturne Demo #2

Terminal Reality and Gathering of Developers have released a second demo of Nocturne, giving you another opportunity to try out their 3D action horror PC game. This demo lets you play the 6th Chapter of the game ('Windy City Massacre: Crescent Theater'). Download:
  • Nocturne Demo #2 (116 MB)
  • Final Nocturne Demo 2 - WINDY CITY MASSACRE Chapter 6: Crescent Theater --------------------------------------------------------------- System Requirements: Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, or Windows 2000 Pentium2, Celeron, Pentium3 or AMD Athlon CPU 64MB System RAM (96MB for 3D hardware acceleration) Sound Blaster Live! for environmental audio effects Matrox G200/G400, ATI Rage 128, or TnT/TnT2 recommended for 3D hardware acceleration 550MB of free disk space (minimum install) 1.2GB of free disk space (full install) 200MB of free virtual memory In game non-programmable keys ----------------------------- F1 - Display list of controls F2 - Save game F3 - Restore game F5 - Toggle sound F6 - Quick save F9 - Quick load F11 - Brighten Screen(Gamma Settings) F12 - Darken Screen(Gamma Settings) ESC- Pause Helpful Hints ------------- Save OFTEN. You never know what dangers lurk around the next corner. The F6 key is the Quick Save key and the F9 key is the Quick load key. Use the monitor calibration from the graphics options menu to adjust your brightness/contrast of your display to the optimal settings. With your monitor calibrated, play in total darkness if possible. If you play with the lights on, you may loose some of the important details of your surroundings. Use F11 and F12 to adjust gamma if the game is too bright or too dark. When changing controls, go to the top of the control configuration menu, and select "Restore Defaults" to change to the default settings. To learn the controls during gameplay, press F1 to display the control mappings. To draw your gun, use the D key in keyboard/gamepad mode, or the E key in keyboard/mouse control mode. Press the space bar or left mouse button to fire. Ammo may be scarce, so you need to conserve as much as possible. Keeping your guns out may scare people in the game. You may want to only draw your guns when firing at enemies. If somebody who follows you gets in your way, turn and look at them. They'll get the idea, and walk away from you. To jump, press the G key. To climb up ladders, stow your weapon(s) by pressing the DRAW key, face the ladder, and then press the FIRE/USE key. Do the same to descend ladders. Keep health items such as a doctor's bag, restorative tonic, or bottle of scotch ready by preselecting them with the [ and ] keys. To restore your health, press ENTER. This will raise the window to verify that you mean to use the item. Press ENTER again to use the item. You may also enable "Auto Use Health" from the control options menu (default is ON). Sometimes you just need to run like hell away from monsters. This isn't your typical action game. There are times where you will be low on ammo - it is better to run and live than fight and die. Picking up extra guns from dead monsters will give you extra ammo. Put your guns away, and press the space bar (or left mouse button) to pick up tommy guns, body parts, health items, etc. To make Nocturne more challenging, turn off "Auto Aim" mode from the controls menu. Hardware acceleration is turned off by default. If your video card supports hardware acceleration, try turning it on. Make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card. If your drivers are more than 3 months old, they are most likely out of date. Seeing in the Dark ------------------ GUN-MOUNTED LANTERN: The Stranger automatically mounts a lantern to any gun he has currently drawn. The lantern is switched on and off by pressing the LIGHT key. (F in keyboard/gamepad mode, Q in mouse mode) Use the lantern sparingly; when on, it severely drains the portable battery that powers it (icon on lower left screen). When the lantern is switched off, the battery will slowly recharge. Holstering a weapon will automatically switch off the lantern to conserve power. NIGHTVISION: The Stranger is field testing a prototype Nightvision system developed by chief Spookhouse scientist Doc Holliday. Nightvision is toggled on and off by pressing the LIGHT key. (I in all modes) When on, the screen shifts to the Stranger's "enhanced" point-of-view. To look around while Nightvision is on, the Stranger must have his weapon(s) drawn. Nightvision aids in navigating and targeting evil creatures in very dark areas. Using Nightvision in well-lit areas will produce a visual "burnout." Due to the pre-video technology Doc has developed, static and interference are common when playing in Nightvision mode. Very near objects will tend to "break up." Use Nightvision sparingly; when on, it severely drains the portable battery that powers it (icon on lower left screen). When Nightvision is switched off, the battery will slowly recharge. Troubleshooting --------------- Q: I have a video card with only 1MB of memory on it. I meet the system requirements otherwise. Can I play Nocturne?? A: Nocturne requires a video card with at least 2MB of memory on it. Sorry, you will need to upgrade your video card. Q: Nocturne seems really choppy and slow. I have a fairly low system and I was hoping to play... A: In the Graphics Options Menu try turning your screen resolution down. The default is 640 X 480, but you will get faster frame rates at lower resolutions. Unfortunately, some video cards can have trouble with lower resolutions. If this happens to you, try running in 16 bit color or change back to 640 X 480. Q: Nocturne displays an error message after loading/starting a mission. A: Turn off 3D acceleration from the Graphics Options Menu. Some cards can not properly support 3D hardware acceleration. Q: My card supports 3D acceleration. I am sure of it. I want a faster frame rate! A: Turn on 3D acceleration from the Graphics Options Menu. If the program crashes as you load a mission, see the Q & A above. Q: Does Nocturne run on Voodoo2, Voodoo Banshee or Voodoo3? A: We do not recommend using Voodoo2, since it is not an AGP card. There are new drivers available from 3Dfx that will allow Nocturne to run in 16bpp mode. Q: Can Nocturne run in software rendering? A: Nocturne runs very well with software rendering. Select 32-Bit Mode from the Graphics Options Menu. If your computer's clock speed is less than 500MHz, you may wish to run Nocturne in 512x384 or 320x240 mode. Nocturne automatically detects the optimal screen resolution for your computer. Screen resolution may be changed from the Graphics Options menu. Q: The Stranger is all white, without any textures on him. Sometimes other characters turn all white. What the heck?!? A: Under graphics options, look for the setting that says 3D API. Change this to DirectX 5. This should take care of the problem (most likely you have a card based on a Rage chipset, which has problems with DirectX 6 and beyond). Q: The game runs but all I see are shadows. What gives? A: You probably have a TnT or TnT2 based card. Download the latest reference video drivers from NVidia's web site. Q: I want to run higher resolutions than 640x480. A: You need 16MB on your video card. 32-bit color requires plenty of video memory and cards with less than 16MB of video memory can not handle this. Also, some cards that do have 16MB+ of video memory can not handle Nocturne in higher resolutions. Q: 1280x1024 mode runs slow. A: This mode only runs fast enough on Matrox G400 or ATI Rage 128 video cards. Q: Nocturne exits to the desktop when I run it in 512x384 mode. A: Don't run 512x384 mode. Some older video cards don't properly support this mode. Q: The game says that I have less than 200MB of Virtual Memory free. How do I fix this so that Nocturne runs best? A: Select Control Panel, then System, then Performance, then Virtual Memory. It is best to change this setting so that Windows manages virtual memory. Q: Game gives an error message saying that you're out of memory. A: You need more virtual memory. See previous Q&A for how to change your virtual memory settings. Q: Nocturne levels do not load as quickly as I would like. A: Add more RAM to your computer. The more RAM that you have, within reasonable limits, the faster Nocturne will load and run Q: The dialog skips, pops, or drops out. I have a SoundBlaster Live card. Your box says that it supports this card. What's up with that? A: You have old LiveWare software and drivers. Visit the Creative Labs web site and download LiveWare 2.0 or higher. Q: I don't have a SoundBlaster Live card, but I have dialog that skips, pops, or drops out. What about me? A: You should download and install the latest drivers from your board manufacturer. If you have an Aureal based card (like the Diamond Monster Sound card), download the latest drivers from Q: I have the latest drivers and I am sure that things are working. How can I get more cool stuff from my sound card? A: From the Sound Options Menu, turn on Hardware Mixing. If you have any sound problems, turn this back off (default). Q: The pistols sound really bad sometimes. It sounds like they are getting cut off. What's up? A: It sounds like you have your sound turned up too high on the mixer in Windows. Load up the mixer for your sound card and make sure the volume is no higher than 75%. Then, when you want louder sounds, turn up the sound on your speakers and not in the mixer. Q: Can I use DirectX 7 with Nocturne? A: Although we haven't done extensive testing with DirectX 7, it appears to work correctly with Nocturne. If you haven't already upgraded to DirectX 7 and you want to make sure that Nocturne works correctly, do not upgrade to DirectX 7 until after you have finished Nocturne. Again, DirectX 7 appears to work correctly, but it has not been extensively tested with Nocturne. Q: Nocturne crashes when I load a saved game. Why? A: If you did a selective install, you may not have the proper Act loaded. For example, if you choose to install the files needed for Act 1, play a game, and save - then try to load that saved game when the files for Act 2 are installed, the saved game will crash. The solution for this is to do a full install so you have all of the Acts installed all of the time (or don't try to load a saved game from an act that is no longer installed). Q: The screen has a black bar above and below it (letterbox), but nothing is happening and the game won't continue? What do I do? A: Hit the ESC key on your keyboard and choose to skip the cinematic. Q: I have set up my controls so that I use the keys on the number pad. I can't seem to get combinations of keys to work (i.e. run and jump at the same time). Why? A: Because of the way the number pad works, it can't understand two keys on the number pad being pressed at the same time. You should reconfigure your controls so you will never need to press two keys on the number pad simultaneously (i.e. run and jump for a running jump). The story so far ---------------- "Windy City Massacre" 1933. The Stranger has been assigned to gangland Chicago to investigate strange rumors circulating through the criminal underworld; tales of very dead mobsters resurfacing and committing heinous acts have been whispered. He meets an informant, crime family insider Icepick Gasparro, who confirms the rumors. To further decipher the sinister plans of an ambitious crime kingpin, the Stranger and Icepick infiltrate gang stronghold the Crescent Theatre. They must watch an incriminating reel of film stashed somewhere inside the cinema. But they have to find it first. And someone doesn't want them to know any more...