Sho Online Two Emperors Expansion Released and Client

Storyline of Sho Online is written by players
Lizard Interactive today announced the release the first expansion for their MMO Sho Online. Titled Two Emperors, the update includes a new Pet system and additional quests. The pets grow and mature together with their owners and they can ride their pets when they reach level 4. These pets can be gained by completing quests available for each type of pets. In addition to the pets system, emperors of both Yin and Zhou Empires step forward and show themselves up. One of the new quests is to have an audience with the Emperor and offer one of items gained by defeating a boss monster. The Emperor, in return, will grant a experience buff to all players of his dynasty for 30 minutes. Any player who completes this quest becomes a hero to all other players. The latest game client is now locally mirrored.