Bangai-O Spirits Trailer #2

2:07 of behind-the-scenes and in-game footage
D3Publisher has released the second trailer from Bangai-O Spirits, a game developed for the Nintendo DS by TREASURE. Bangai-O Spirits for Nintendo is a re-imagination of their cult classic 90s videogame Bangai-O. Addictive, twitch-fest shooter gameplay includes punishing supermoves and a sensory overload of fireworks onscreen. More than 160 levels are seasoned with strategic and tactical elements, as well as TREASURE’s signature quirky design style. Bangai-O Spirits boasts a powerful level editor tool, ad hoc wireless multiplayer for up to four players and the pioneering new Sound Load technology. This original technology allows DS gamers to swap levels, game footage replays or high score statistics by converting the data into a sound file that is output through the host DS speaker. Bangai-O Spirits is slated for an August release.