Sub Command v1.07 Patch

Sonalysts has released a new patch for Sub Command, bringing this submarine simulation to v1.07. The update is available in 2 versions (upgrade from v1.05 or full upgrade), and adresses issues related to Sound, Fire Control, TMA, Mission Editor, AI, and more. Thanks: 3DGamers. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Sub Command v1.05 to v1.07 Patch (1.9 MB)
  • Sub Command v1.07 Patch (Full) (7.5 MB)
  • README.TXT Sub Command Update Build 107 ===================================== (This setup will update any previous version of Sub Command to 1.07) Installation =============================================================== Double-click(Run) the self-extracting patch executable. Verify and correct the extract path if it is not correct. Click the Unzip button. Modifications for Build 107 =============================================================== - subcommand.exe (version Sub Command should display Version 107 on splash screen - AppTextE.DLL - NavalSimEngine.dll (version - TMA.dll (version - SonarBB.dll (version - FCTD.dll (version - FCLP.dll (ssn21 only) (version - Broadband: Fixed crash if a tracker was assigned to the Hull array in Narrowband and then the user switched to Broadband on subs without Hull array (ssn21, 688i). - Sound: Cleaned up various sound card related issues - Sound: Fixed the platform sound distortion that occurred when panning around a hooked platform in the 3D window. - Sound: The Options/Sound screen now displays an error message if Sub Command detects the absence of hardware 3D sound support in the sound card. One of two messages may display if there is a problem with the hardware 3D sound support 1) "Attempt to detect 3D Hardware Sound Buffers failed." 2) "Attempt to support 3D Sound in hardware failed." If either message appears, the problem may be the sound card does not have support for hardware-only 3D sound. If the sound card does have hardware 3D sound support, then verify that the sound card drivers are up to date. Sub Command will default to software-only 3D sound in either case and overall game performance may degrade as a result. - Fire Control: Fixed UUV not correctly using OS Depth preset - Fire Control: Fixed Narrow/Wide preset issue - TMA: Tracking multiple TMA contacts can be accomplished by pressing the "Enter Solution" button before selecting another track from the contact list box. If you leave the TMA screen, current tracking data for the displayed contact will be available when the TMA screen is revisited. - TMA: Fixed crash that involved this screen and usually TMA autocrew being ON. - Mission Editor: Wrong entities were being given the Sonobouy tactic (Bear J vs. Bear F bug) - Game: Fixed crash that pertains to missions containing aircraft with set launch times. - Game: Towed array now deploys correctly at start of mission based on scenario file - Game: Show Linked 3D land objects melting into landscape bug fixed - Game: Added a keyboard shortcut to center the Rudder. The default key is: <'> (single quote character). It can be reassigned in the Options screen. - Database: increased max depth of 65 cm torpedo to 1000 ft - AI: Firing missiles now provokes better response from AI units - AI: Torpedo evasion for AI platforms is improved - AI: Contact mines/Influence mines now behave correctly - Sonar: background noise for masts corrected - Replay: Added the ability to save a replay to a different filename To activate this feature open the "subcommand.ini" file and change the line: .SaveReplay No to .SaveReplay Yes In order to view the saved replay files, the user must download the "ReplayViewer.exe" from the Sonalysts website. Special Thanks =============== Sonalysts and the entire Sub Command team would like to thank the Sea Wolves and other fans of Sub Command who participated in the testing of this patch. The feedback we received, via the forums and direct emails, concerning Sub Command has been invaluable in helping us create a better product for everyone.