Lotus Challenge screens

Xicat Interactive has released 20 new screens of Motor Trend: Lotus Challenge, showcasing this imminent racing game developed by Kuju Entertainment. The new shots feature "the game's concept cars, F1 racers, nascar vehicles, and more. Everything from reflection maps to motion blurs create some stunning visuals; complimenting the deep and varied gameplay to a tee". Lotus Challenge will be released on Xbox this month, with GameCube and PC versions to follow shortly after.
The Game: Lotus Challenge is truly the most complete racing game to date. By mixing different gaming styles, camera angles, story lines and even a hint of role playing, players can choose multiple paths through the game. Five huge modes offer players a complete tour of the world of Lotus. Stunt mode takes you to the set of a Hollywood blockbuster run by a hotshot director who gives you the play-by-play of the scene he wants you to execute. A multi-player option is available for those who want to challenge others through a championship or single race. Upon winning specific challenges, hidden tracks and cars are unlocked, so if you have already won a race you can go back and test your skills in a faster car. Game features include: . 5 game modes: Collection, Championship, Single Play, Multi-player and Challenge, which features a story line with races, stunts and missions. . 38 licensed Lotus cars including new models, famous classics and race and concept cars . 28 different races, 22 different stunts/challenges . Stunning new controller system for a more realistic driving experience - tested and approved by the actual Lotus test drivers . The first driving game with officially licensed vehicles to feature realistic vehicle damage . Soundtrack by cutting edge electronica/breakbeat artist Hybrid The soundtrack for the game was created by UK electronica/breakbeat artist Hybrid and includes a brand new track Joyride as well as four new remixes of songs from their critically acclaimed album Wider Angle tweaked specifically for Lotus Challenge.