NAM Tour of Duty screens & movie

Atomic Planet Entertainment recently updated its website, offering the first details about NAM: Tour of Duty, an upcoming FPS set in the Vietnam War. The first screens have been released, as well as a small movie, offering around one minute and a half of gameplay footage. NAM: Tour of Duty is currently being developed for PS2, GameCube and Xbox. Thanks: Worthplaying. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • NAM Tour of Duty Trailer (4.9 MB)
  • 'Nam - Tour of Duty Not only a game - an experience. 'Nam - Tour of Duty, is Atomic Planet's exciting new take on the first-person action game: an innovative blend of adventure and tactical gameplay recreating all the tension and ferocity of combat in the Vietnam War. Featuring rich play mechanics where every action has a consequence, from the sloshing of water in a soldier's canteen to calling devastating air strikes, 'Nam: Tour of Duty brings the full scope of infantry combat in the Vietnam War to the player's fingertips. For the first time ever in a first-person game, the player will take command of an entire platoon of soldiers in fierce battles 'from the Delta to the DMZ'. More than just a game, 'Nam: Tour of Duty is a painstakingly recreated account of the 1968 Tet Offensive brought to vibrant and violent life. 'Nam - Tour of Duty is currently in development for the PlayStation2 and all other major platforms.