SummitSoft signs Empire of Magic

Summitsoft announced today it has obtained the publishing rights in North America for Empire of Magic. Developed by Slovenia-based Mayhem Studios, Empire of Magic features "a magical fantasy world with elements of adventure, turn-based strategy and role-playing". Check our gallery for screens, and watch this trailer if you wanna see the game in action (1 min 30 sec of cinematics & gameplay footage).
Somewhere far away lays the land of powerful demons and breath taking beauty. The land of brave knights, doom and salvation. Land of many faces where marvelous adventures await your arrival. Sharpen your swords and gather up enough magic power because in the end of this summer a strategic delicacy arrives - Empire of Magic. Story: In a time long ago the whole world was ruled by the Empire of Magic. There lived many mages and the most powerful amongst them held the power in his hands. One day however his fate fulfilled. Mayhem and terror took control over the land as everyone was fighting for power. In the meantime strange thing began to happen in the border territories. Troops of soldiers became to vanish and sometimes even the settlers. Well, a situation worth a closer look but none of the superior mages wants to leave the capital city in the time when there are hot places in the government being severed. One of the minor mages (embodied by the player) is sent to the southern border. Little by little he uncovers the complex story and finds out that the first look is sometimes wrong and everything is totally different. Story doesn’t fit to the category to common straightforward storylines and using a lot of minor plots it diversifies the playtime. Features: * Stylish calculated and by hand finished graphics. * A lot of tactical possibilities, whereby you can use the siege of the castles and 3D segmentation of the terrain. Your units can hide behind the hills or prepare an ambush from the behind. * Really innovative approach to artificial intelligence. The computer is not cheating or using waypoints, but it is really thinking. * Your units can gain levels. According to the experiences gained they will level up and their overall characteristics will improve. In the cities you can buy a stay at the healer, mage or a martial arts teacher. Your units can be grouped allowing them to set up camps and fortify them. * Many impressive spells, strategically and graphically different. Their overall number is 122. * The main storyline will be widened by a lot of extra quests and tasks that diversify the story and help the player to sink deeper into the world of Empire of Magic and last but not least they also carry some rewards for their completition with them. * The game world consists of different types of terrain. It takes you into the snow-covered mountains, fiery deserts, rainy hills and idyllic meadows. * Variety of units. The game offers 80 basic units and other unique units - heroes.