Gracia Brings New Players to Lineage II

Overwhelmingly positive reactions from gamers prove the excellent quality of the latest update for Lineage II
NCsoft today announced that feedback for the Gracia, the latest update to Lineage II Chaotic Throne, has been overwhelmingly positive, with the record for concurrent users on EU servers now broken for six weeks running. At the same time, the number of new characters created has risen substantially alongside daily raid figures. The changes brought to the game mechanics have satisfied and pleased both newcomers and existing players. The Gracia update features Vitality System which makes Lineage II much more accessible for new players. This system allows players to accumulate temporary experience multipliers the longer they spend time in peaceful zones. The multipliers dramatically increase the amount of experience earned during combat, making character levelling much faster than ever before. The Gracia client is locally mirrored here.