Death Ball v1.5 (Final)

Shortly after the beta (story), the final version of DeathBall v1.5 is now available for download. The main change in this new version of the popular Unreal Tournament 2003 mod is the addition of a 'Banana-mode', but read the full article for details. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Death Ball v1.5 (Full) (48 MB)
  • Death Ball v1.5 (Update from v1.4b) (18 MB)
  • V1.5 Gameplay: -Banana-mode added. Press 'next/previous weapon' 1 time while powering up a shot to bend it right or left. Don't overuse this, only when necessary. -Shootbug happens less to some people. Same for the 'no damage' bug you have with the hammer sometimes. -Added a "bug" exec (you can bind to key), that will (in theory) just bounce the ball slightly in front of you so you can pick it up, or give to someone else, then tell everyone on server you had bug... You are only allowed to call bug twice during a connect (after 2 times, you must reconnect). So just type in 'bug' (without say or teamsay). -Volley: Ball coming from enemy can now be volleyed with full power (2000) in enemy half, with half power (1000) in own half (as usual). -Volley range for all players changed: 290 (old 200 [enemy] and 300[friend]) So all have the same volley range. -Self volley latency removed. -Takes 0.75secs to regain normal speed after shooting away the ball -Shieldgun damage angle increased from 60 to 75 -If charge up your shot for less than 30% you will keep the slow ballowner speed for 2.5 seconds (dunno if these 2 values are good, testing required) -Selfpickup delay of 1.5s Keeper: -As long as he is inside penalty box, he's keeper. Once he leaves, next player to enter keeper box becomes keeper. -Keeper timer extended to penalty zone and whole team. -Keeper glowing, so its easy to see who is keeping. -Keeper now jumps as high as he should when he spawns as keeper. Advantages: -Keeper moves faster and jumps higher within the entire penaltyzone -Keeper must move outside the penaltyzone to stop the "Ball held too long counter". He doesn't become keeper again until he enters Keeperzone again, which means trying to abuse this timer is a big risk. Disadvantages: -Solo attackers have to deal with an invulnerable & fast keeper in a much larger area. Other: -Radar now fixed for ball and players that cannot be seen (like players behind a wall in DB-Chill). -Changed beacon text, no more problems to read a name. -Added m/s (speed) to scoring text. So you can see how fast your shot was. -Added a text to the scoring when you volley. -Overtime works now (ended when someone got fragged). -If someone is kicked for idling whilst holding the ball, the ball gets lost, this is fixed. -Chargeup sound radius for other players increased -New hud logos. -Middle Radar can now be zoomed. The commands are "RadarRadiusIncrease" and "RadarRadiusDecrease" (Anthrax = happy now) -Passing spree should work correctly now. -Time of goal shown in HUD when scored -Ballcarrier shown in HUD -Removed voicepacks/welcome message (this prevents lag when someone joins a server and server crashes) -Names in Beacons shortened to 10 characters -Using skyblue for "carrier" and "keeper" name in lower left corner, so its readable now. -Option added that shortens the Waittime after a goal to 5 seconds. -Bounced balls are now considered as volleys. Points: -2 points for interception -2 points for volley interception in own half -The last guy in the assist chain gets 3 extra points if the goal was volleyed. (5 total) -5 points for volley scorer -substract 2 points for a pass to the enemy -Volley save for keeper gives him points too now -You never get any kills for any frags any more, instead: -You get +1 point for hitting enemy ballowner -You get +2 points from hitting enemy ballowner in own half -You get +4 points for killing enemy in own penalty zone -Keeper gets 6 points for killing ballowner Maps: -DB-LowCube added, a low poly Cube version, so all low performances dudes can play it. -DB-Cube fixed. The blue penalty zone was 32 units larger on the right side. New croud sounds added, keeper zones higher. Buildings around the stadium added. -DB-Smallcube, wall higher. -DB-November, to be honest...I have no clue what's new. Ben sent me a new version and I had no chance to ask him and I didn't find it out either.